A Country Called Heaven

Introduces the need for Godís redemption through Jesus Christ; includes steps to receive salvation along with rewards of a Christian.


Lesson 1 - ††††† Steps to receive Christ; Importance of the Bible; The person of Jesus Christ

Lesson 2 - ††††† Introduction of Godís attributes as Creator, Eternal, Holy, All-Wise, Everywhere, Almighty, Just, Love, Faithful, Uchangeable; What is saving faith?

Lesson 3 - ††††† Explanation of the world, the flesh, and the devil; Overcoming temptation; Leading another to Christ.

Lesson 4 - ††††† Describes the Bible; How to read and study the Bible.

Lesson 5 - ††††† Promise of Christís return; Preparing for His return; what happens when a Christian dies?

Lesson 6 - ††††† How we are saved; Salvation assurance; Rewards.

Lesson 7 - ††††† Salvation assurance reviewed; Overcoming temptation; Forgiveness of Sin; God answers prayer.

Lesson 8 - ††††† Who is Jesus Christ; The Holy Spirit.

Lesson 9 - ††††† Family of Adam and Christ explained; Importance of being Born Again; Prodigal son illustration.

Lesson 10 - ††† New position of believer with God; Prodigal son meaning; Application in everyday concerns.

Lesson 11 - ††† Standing in the righteousness of Christ. Prodigal sonís position with his father illustrated.

Lesson 12 - ††† Life in the Holy Spirit; Needs met in Christ. I AMís of Christ applied; Establishing a quiet time.

Lesson 13 - ††† Godís great salvation in forgiveness; position, righteousness; Prodigal son and reconciliation.

Lesson 14 - ††† Facing difficulties; Steps to victory; Suggested quiet time in John.

Lesson 15 - †††† Right thinking; Keeping right with God; Forgiving others;

Importance of a Church fellowship.

A Country Called Heaven

Practical Christian Living

New Life in Christ 1

New Life in Christ 2

New Life in Christ 3

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